Thursday, May 22, 2008

Car Stereo in the Suby

When I got rid of the old honda accord last year I got rid of the stereo equipment as well with the intent of upgrading. So over the last year I have been seeking out deals and picking up pieces here and there. I finally found the missing piece and most important to get me off the ground, the head unit. While in Idaho I found a AVIC-D3 Pioneer 2-din DVD/GPS head unit for a sweet deal. List is $1000, I got over $700 dollars off due to a little scratch on the screen.

I was able to modify the unit to play DVD while driving (so my kids can watch movies in the car) and I have all my music on an old 20 gig IPOD that I got for free. No more need for disks :-).

But with the head unit I had to add a few things to complete the upgrade.
First I got the stock tweeters from Subaru and installed them. That took oh about 4 minutes each. Pre-wired and no screws so installation was a snap.

I did some research and talked to a few friends that are into car audio and found that SoundStorm Labs has a good product for the price. It is a 1 ohm stable 1500 WATT D Class AMP which will push the 3 ohm 10w7 JL sub I have. It has a remote gain control which is awesome.

I need to complete the installation of the AMP. I am trying to decide how I am going to mount it.

As I mentioned I got a JL 10W7 sub used from a friend for a really sweet deal. This is an awesome sub.

Over all I am happy with the system. The only other thing I could do is upgrade the mids and tweeters but I will wait for that killer deal on some FOCAL's or JL's. Until then what I have is working very well.

Here are some more pictures of the head unit. I do need to modify the mount brackets so I can slide the unit forward 1/2 inch which will make it look better.

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