Friday, March 22, 2013

New Car

2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 Sedan
Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • Year: 2013
  • Make: Mercedes-Benz Model: C-Class
  • Trim: C300
  • Bodystyle: Sedan
  • Doors: 4 door
  • Mileage: 4,783 miles Engine: 3.5L V-6 cyl Transmission: 7-Speed Automatic
  • Drive Line: 4MATIC
  • Exterior Color: Polar White

  • Fuel economy city: Horsepower: 248hp @ 6,000RPM Transmission: 7 speed automatic Engine liters: 3.5
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17.4gal. Engine location: front
  • Variable intake manifold Number of valves: 24
  • Fuel economy highway: 27mpg Variable valve control Manual-shift auto: TouchShift Cylinder configuration: V-6 Torque: 251 lb.-ft. @ 2,700RPM Drive type: 4MATIC 

In the parking lot at work.   My original intent was to get a 2011 C300 which but I didn't like the dash, it felt under powered and I kept using the cruise control lever when trying to signal (turn signal seemed out of place).  The dash bothered me so much I decided to look at other cars.  Then Ellen and I went to drive cars and we drove the 2012 and they changed the dash.  The interior was now my favorite.  So I decided I would pursue the 2012 model.  I almost bought a silver one from Carmax but it sold before I made up my mind.  I am glad it did.  But the problem was it was hard to find the 2012 or 2013 used.  There are a ton of the 2011 and older because they are coming off lease.  But there features are all pretty basic and didn't meet my criteria.  I had some basic requirements that needed to be met for me to purchase.  
1- AWD 
2- Backup camera (kid safety) 
3- Low miles (under 15k)
4- color had to be Grey, Silver, Black or white with panoramic sun roof (black roof).
5- 2012 because of the dash.
6- integrated Bluetooth for hands free phone
7- Wife wanted GPS

So I was looking for a while and I found this car in Washington DC area.  It is a 2013 and the prices was very low.  I thought it was a mistake at first.  It was listed at $13,000 of NADA pricing and not much more than the 2012 I was looking at.  I was heading to DC for a work conference and turns out that this dealer was 10 miles away from the hotel.  

On my way there I stopped and looked at it and a grey 2012.  I was leaning towards 2012 (you can see it behind in the picture below (right off the trunk for the one I bought). Then I drove the 2013.  I didn't know but to my surprise they fixed the other two things that bothered me.  They switched the location of the cruise control and turn signal levers so now they were in the right place.  And the put a new motor with 248-hp.  This was enough to make up for the lake of power I felt in the 2012.  It also meet all the other minimum requirements I had and then some.

It has all of the list above plus the panoramic sun roof, keyless go, 18" AMG wheels, ECO (car shuts off when stopped in traffic or stop light, media package which includes 10gig HD, XM, BT Audio and phone, Media center, USB, apple port, SD, AUX and much more.  This was a one of a kind build, who ever bought it first had to order it and wait 90 days for it to come.  They picked the feature I would have.  I was pretty excited about this car.

I wanted to trade in the Subaru and had to now because the price was more than I was planning on but still within range.  The wanted to sell it to me right then but I wanted to think about it a bit.  So I left and went to my hotel, called Ellen and did some more research, attended some meetings and then decided I wanted it.  

My subaru had a custom stereo system that I didn't want to part with.  Luckily I thought about it before I left and grabbed the stock stereo and speakers.   So I went into the hotel parking garage and removed the stereo system and installed the old one again.  Took about 45 minutes.  

I negotiated the prices down a little but not much.  I also got them to give me a little more for the subaru.

An hour and half later I was driving back to the hotel in a new car.   

Pictures are from the listing on the web before I bought it.

4Matic indicates that it is AWD.
In 2012 they changed the running/fog light to the LED lights.  The are pretty cool looking
 18" AMG wheels.  Rides is a little ruff but the handling is awesome.
 Tan interior wasn't my first choice.  Ellen didn't want it at all.  I didn't mind it and it wasn't a deal breaker.  I really like it now other than I have all-wheather mats ordered, the kids track a ton of crap into the car.
 GPS is cool.  It also has SIRUS services like real time traffic and weather.  
 There is a screen in the center of the speedometer that allows you to control a bunch of things with out having to look over.  I really like that feature.
 This is very very cool.  I don't have to put the key in or get the keys out to open the doors.  I just have to have the key with me.  I reach for the door it unlocks.  I push the outside of the door handle it locks.  Then put the foot on the brake and push the button and we are off.
 This was a must because I am so paranoid about running over kids.  Our van has one and it has proved to be useful.

And last the panoramic roof.  I really like this, Ellen doesn't care for sunroofs in general.  The subaru had a hug sunroof and it stopped working 6 months after it became my primary car (got Ellen the van).  You push the button and shades cover both.  Only the front one opens.  

Bottom line is the boys love it, the wife says it is to complicated and sporty, and I enjoy every second I am in the drivers seat.  It has lots of power, handles awesome and has all the bells and whistle that a Mercedes should have.  Love it!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Focal 165 Speaker installation

Found a good deal on a set of Focal 165 component speakers. This weekend I was able to get them installed.
Here is a comparison of the two speakers.  You can see the difference between the magnets.  The stock tweeters that came out of my 2003 Subaru Forester actually aren't bad.  The magnet size of the tweeter is about the same size as the woofer (mid).

Here is a front view.

The hole size was not 6 1/2.  I had to build spacers to get them to fit.  I had some extra wood laying around so I just used it.  Not that pretty but I thought it would work and it did some what.  I got it all back together and rolled down the window and it hit something.  Come to find out the window was hitting the back of the speaker.  It needed to come out another 1/2 in.  I took it all back apart and came up with an idea to space the top of the speaker out 1/2 in and the bottom 1/8 in.  I did this with card board.  I catch two spacers that match the wood spacer and folded once in half to get the space on the top then used the second as normal.  Seemed to work as expected.  The window doesn't hang up on the speaker any more.

This is before I put the extra card board spacer.
 Crossover was mounted on the door in an empty space behind the arm rest.
 All finished ready to put the panel back on.
 The tweeter before the cover went on.

Does it sound better?  Oh yes.  I am every pleased with the sound quality is way better and the control of the sound is great.  I am powering them off my Pioneer AVIC-D3 which doesn't have enough power to really push the speakers.  But over all it sounds great with the JL 10W7 pushed by a soundstorm 1500W D Class Amp.  I have an old rockford fosgate punch 60 amp that may through in to push these but I haven't decided yet.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The boys at FMX show at the RBC center in Raleigh.

Fun Fun... interesting crowd to say the least.
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Motor Cross Free Style

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can't figure out which Packard we have