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Building a House

We moved in on the 30th. Everything went well for the closing. Two days after closing the new mircowave died and now it has been two week and we still don't have a mircowave. The builder told us to go to Whirlpool for service. Took them a week to come out and they told us they would have to order the part and that it would take 7 days. A&E Factory Services was pretty rude about the whole thing, complaining that they would have to bring an extra guy to help pull the microwave out and fix it. I am pretty sick of people complaining about doing their job. Then we started having power problems. GFI tripped when we were using the gas stove, then we had partial power to the house where half of the lights didn't work but the other half. We called Progress Energy and they came out and told us that one of our power leads was cut at some point. They put a box at our meter to boost the power until they could get back out to fix the problem. That was Saturday, Monday I called back and they said they would have to send another guy out to look at the problem. What!!! you already sent a guy out why again???? Well the first guy didn't schedule a crew to come out to dig up the line. So this guy said he would have it done later that afternoon. Nothing happened.. every time the A/C would come on all the lights would dim and the clocks would reset and the dryer wouldn't dry. Later Monday night at 12:30 the whole house lost power. I called Progress and they came out about 2:30 a.m. And told me I didn't have power coming to the house. Humm... that is why I called you. I explained that we needed to get this fix as soon as possible. The guy said that the "crew" doesn't work nights but he would see what he could do. About 3:00 a.m. he comes back with another truck with a tractor on a trailer. They started digging and by 4:00 a.m. we had power again.

We are working with KB Homes to get some other problems worked out but over all the new home is very nice, plenty of space and room to grow. We have been working hard to get the closets done, mirror in, and boxes unpacked. Man it is a lot of work.

So we are finally upgrading our home. We grew out of our current home with our second and now we have three so it is time. We are moving from Morrisville NC to Cary NC which is across the street, about one mile. We have our current house sold but we are leasing it back until our new house is done. Pretty sweet deal. We hope to be in the house by the middle of September. If you are interested in seeing the progress of our house you can visit the following gallery from time to time.

new home

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Car Stereo in the Suby

When I got rid of the old honda accord last year I got rid of the stereo equipment as well with the intent of upgrading. So over the last year I have been seeking out deals and picking up pieces here and there. I finally found the missing piece and most important to get me off the ground, the head unit. While in Idaho I found a AVIC-D3 Pioneer 2-din DVD/GPS head unit for a sweet deal. List is $1000, I got over $700 dollars off due to a little scratch on the screen.

I was able to modify the unit to play DVD while driving (so my kids can watch movies in the car) and I have all my music on an old 20 gig IPOD that I got for free. No more need for disks :-).

But with the head unit I had to add a few things to complete the upgrade.
First I got the stock tweeters from Subaru and installed them. That took oh about 4 minutes each. Pre-wired and no screws so installation was a snap.

I did some research and talked to a few friends that are into car audio and found that SoundStorm Labs has a good product for the price. It is a 1 ohm stable 1500 WATT D Class AMP which will push the 3 ohm 10w7 JL sub I have. It has a remote gain control which is awesome.

I need to complete the installation of the AMP. I am trying to decide how I am going to mount it.

As I mentioned I got a JL 10W7 sub used from a friend for a really sweet deal. This is an awesome sub.

Over all I am happy with the system. The only other thing I could do is upgrade the mids and tweeters but I will wait for that killer deal on some FOCAL's or JL's. Until then what I have is working very well.

Here are some more pictures of the head unit. I do need to modify the mount brackets so I can slide the unit forward 1/2 inch which will make it look better.

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Duke Gardens with the Hill's

In-laws from Texas stopped by. We took advantage of the beautiful day and walked around the Duke Gardens. The boys really enjoyed getting to know their aunt and uncle.

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